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Welding Repairs and Servicing in Winnipeg and Manitoba

J R Mac Welding provides quality welding services in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. 

Our services include:

  • Boiler and Steam Heating Systems: We provide welding repairs and servicing for all heating system types.
  • Pressure and Process Piping: We guarantee professional workmanship when it comes to our pipeline and process piping services.
  • Hydronic Piping and Welding: We specialize in welding services pertaining to a number of hydronic piping issues and repairs.
  • Welding for Commercial and Industrial Chilled Water Systems: J R Mac Welding offers commercial and industrial welding services for chilled water systems.
    • Aluminum Welding Service: We cater to all the aluminum projects/repairs/pipe and welding.
  • Structural Welding Services: We can translate blueprints effectively into specific orders for all of your structural welding projects.
  • Heavy Equipment Repairs and Welding: We can handle a variety of heavy-duty equipment repairs.
  • Remote Location Repairs: No matter where you are, we can come to your site and provide an efficient repair service.
Hot Tapping

Hot Tapping

We specialize in drilling controlled procedures in our welding which provides many benefits, including:

  • No loss of product or sales

  • No customer inconvenience

  • No costs incurred from clearing the existing piping system for repair

  • No release of greenhouse gases, such as methane, because of shutdown interconnect

J R Mac Welding is one of the few companies in Manitoba that performs hot tapping services because this procedure requires incredible precision. For more information on hot tapping or any of our other welding services, give us a call today.

Service You Can Trust

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